Missy Bonkers, aka Tina O’Rourke & Alan Fitzpatrick would like to thank every body that supported us during the four years Missy was active. We had some great times from markets to crafty workshops, our own shop. Along the way we met some truly wonderful people, you all know who you are... 

But it now time for a change, we are growing and developing, to allow this to happen we have decided to rename ourselves.

All along this journey I (Tina) have had a dream of a small cottage styled shed, at the bottom of a garden, where I can disappear for hours on end creating new characters and dolls, developing stories and generally creating a universe populated by my imagination, and voila Miss Daisy Dolls was born.

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Miss Daisy Dolls handmade doll Missy handmade puppy by Miss Daisy Dolls

So while one journey ends another one is just starting, we are hoping you will be interested in continuing along with us... www.missdaisydolls.com

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Miss Belle by Miss Daisy Dolls Handmade Ted

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